Chevrolet Fall Maintenance

Chevrolet Fall Maintenance

Fall is here, the leaves are turning into a beautiful painting of gold, which means that it is time to perform a few services on your Chevrolet in order to continue using it without issues.

Oil Change

Is it really a surprise we are starting from this particular service? Of course, it’s not! As you may know this – oil change can be performed by you due to the fact that it is not that difficult. However, if you go to an auto repair shop that services Chevrolet vehicles, they will also change the filter when they are changing the oil.

Brakes and Rotors

It’s a very bright idea to have the brakes and rotors inspected by a professional - especially if you can hear any grinding noises. You can, of course, try and check them yourself but you absolutely have to be very careful when you do that - which is exactly why I suggest going to a mechanic for this specific service.


The transmission fluid should be periodically checked so why not do it before the fall and winter? Take the extra mile this fall and have your Chevrolet’s transmission fluid flushed, and the filter changed.

Wiper Blades

A little and insignificant thing, right? Wrong! The windshield wiper blades are easily forgotten but they really shouldn’t. They are responsible for cleaning your windshield so that you can have good visibility while driving. And in fact, they do have an expiration date! If you notice that they aren’t performing their functions as they used to – change them.