5 Types of Fluid Flushes That Require Regular Flush Maintenance

5 Types of Fluid Flushes That Require Regular Flush Maintenance

It’s important to remember that you should visit your local auto shop for fluid flushes at regular intervals because the fluids in your car can be severely impacted by dirt and other contaminants. This is the type of preventative maintenance that can be performed quickly and affordably and will boost the overall health of your vehicle. Most drivers are okay with regular oil changes, however, there are other fluids, which are also important, that need regular maintenance. Here are 5 types of fluid flushes that require flush maintenance services at regular intervals.

Oil Change

Having just the right amount of fresh oil in your engine will be of huge help in keeping your vehicle healthy and happy.

Transmission Fluid Flush

The proper intervals for transmission fluid flush depend on the model of your vehicle, therefore, you should check your owner’s manual for specifications. Typically, this service is performed at intervals that range somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. Transmission repair is quite costly, so you should keep a close eye on its maintenance.

Differential Fluid Flush

The differential is what allows the power, generated by the engine, to be able to turn its wheels. Usually, this fluid should be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Power Steering Flush

If you've ever had to wrench on the wheel with all your strength just to turn it left, for instance, then you know you never want to experience this discomfort again. You can avoid this predicament by going to your local auto shop and getting a power steering flush, which should be completed about every 2 years.

Coolant Flush

Major engine problems are often the result of an overheating therefore, you should keep your coolant at the proper levels. Coolant flushes should usually be performed every 40,000 miles.

If you need regular fluid flush maintenance, make sure you check every fluid in your vehicle and have them flushed at your local auto repair center, at regular intervals.


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