4 Signs That Indicate a Failing Car Speedometer

 4 Signs That Indicate a Failing Car Speedometer

Without looking at the speedometer, it can be difficult for drivers to know how fast they are driving. If the speedometer is not functioning properly, the driver can get pulled over for speeding or could end up in a traffic accident, caused by excessive speed. That's why the driver should know the telltale signs of a failing car speedometer to prevent bad things from happening.

The Speedometer Is Not Working

Whether the speedometer is a digital or analog display, the most obvious sign that signals the need for a speedometer repair is if it is not working. In some cases, the display will provide inaccurate information. Also, the display could act erratically. Lastly, if the driver is driving at a certain speed and the speedometer is showing a speed that is impossible to reach, they should have it inspected.

The Cruise Control Is Not Working

The speedometer has to be operational for the car's cruise control to be working properly. If it is not working, it won't be able to send a signal to the CPU. In this case, it's practically impossible for the vehicle to adjust the throttle to the desired speed. If the driver uses their cruise control regularly, the speedometer must be fixed as quickly as possible.

The Check Engine Light Is On

The speedometer sensor of a vehicle is located in the transmission, which is attached to the driveshaft. As a result of this, a malfunctioning speedometer will impact numerous functions within the car. This will trigger the check engine light. A faulty speedometer is not the sole reason for the illumination of the check engine light, but it's one of them. Just to be safe, the driver should have their car inspected by a professional as soon as the check engine light is on.

The Loss of Power

When a driver applies pressure to the gas and notices a loss of power, it could be due to a faulty speedometer. This problem could also result in a loss of power to other mechanical components in the car. That's why the driver should have the speedometer inspected to prevent any further problems and to keep the car operating properly.

If a driver notices any of the issues, mentioned above, they should contact their local auto repair center and bring their car for a quality speedometer repair service.


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