Summer Maintenance of Volkswagen Vehicles

 Summer Maintenance of Volkswagen Vehicles

Seeing as we are in the middle of the hot summer, let us discuss some basic maintenance services that are a good idea for your Volkswagen during this time of the year.

First things first – the coolant! This handy fluid is extremely important during the hot weather because it works to keep the engine of your VW from overheating. So, make sure that you keep the coolant at the appropriate levels!

Have the A/C of your VW inspected. You might not think that is so important but it may save you some costly repairs in the long run. And it will definitely save you from the heat of the summer. Note that if you notice any worrisome signs such as undesirable smell in the cabin, or if the air that enters the cabin is not fresh, you will definitely need to have a mechanic look at the air conditioning system.

Keep the battery in top-notch shape - clean the connections in order to ensure they are corrosion free. Another thing is that due to the high summer temperatures the car battery fluid could evaporate - therefore, you will need to check on it and make sure that the amount is at the appropriate levels.

If you need help with your Volkswagen, you can always visit an auto repair shop in your vicinity. Choose one that has a good background in dealing with Volkswagen vehicles.


  1. I liked when you mentioned how important coolant and HVAC maintenance are for summer performance. My uncle has a Volkswagen since I was a kid, he likes it very much. I will make sure he knows these tips, so he can take care of it through specialized maintenance advice.


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