How to Maintain Your Fleet's Efficiency with Proper Fleet Maintenance

How to Maintain Your Fleet's Efficiency with Proper Fleet Maintenance

Commercial trucks lead a tough existence. Whatever the job may be, there’s no delay, you must be back on the road. Therefore, you must have an effective fleet maintenance plan to ensure your trucks stay in the best shape possible.

Here are a few tips for keeping fleet vehicles on the road.

Proper Fleet Maintenance

An effective maintenance schedule is essential to minimizing downtime. A well-organized program means that every time a driver takes a truck out, that truck has received the required attention.

Usually, a fleet maintenance schedule includes A, B, and C services. A service is the one that is the most frequently implemented. It covers most major components, such as brakes, tires, windows, transmission, etc. Both B and C services add more components on top of those, where B services usually include new oil and grease for running gear and C includes inspection of axels.

Each of these 3 services is performed at a specific mileage interval. Typically, a service schedule may specify an A service every 3,000 miles, a B service every 6,000, and a C service as needed. It’s widely suggested that suspension components have to be inspected every 12,000 miles but this suggestion varies, so in this case, it’s best to check the manual.

Pre-Trip Tips

The pre-trip checklist is crucial to make sure drivers leave with a safe truck. Tire pressure, as well as wheel nuts, should be inspected every morning before the driver hits the road. Also, the driver has to know how to spot a knock and listen to their engine before driving off.

Across all wheels, tire tread should be even and intact, and it’s not a bad idea to run a balancing agent in your wheels to maximize both tire life and fuel efficiency. All hoses should be intact and inspected each morning. Brakes should be tested for functionality on initial departure.

Log Data

The use of computerized fleet management systems could be of real help in keeping your fleet operations easier. By doing so, you’ll eliminate the need of having to rely on drivers to memorize operating hours and record mileage. Simply put, the onboard computer will track this data for you and submit it to your management system automatically.

By tracking these data points automatically, you’ll make sure that a maintenance window won’t be overlooked, which in turn will reduce the chance of something going wrong.

Fleet maintenance is a practice that when done right, it’ll pay for itself, but you have to commit to it. One slipup can lead to a failed inspection, or even worse, a road accident.

As a fleet operator, you are responsible for the safety of your drivers, as well as of others. With regular fleet maintenance, everyone travels safer.


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