Lexus Maintenance in the Summer

Lexus Maintenance in the Summer

Since we are in the middle of summer, we should probably talk about how you can keep your Lexus in good working order during the hottest months of the year.

Let us begin with the fact that you will need to keep some items stocked in your vehicle. We are talking about essentials that you do not need during the winter for instance. Items such as: sunscreen; sunglasses; hats. And then there are those items that should be in your Lexus all year round: water; snacks; phone/tablet charger; emergency kit; tool kit; flashlight. During the summer you should also have a sunshade for the dashboard and the rear window, they will keep your vehicle cool when you are not using it, and they will provide some protection to the interior from the scorching sun.

Keep your Lexus clean by regularly cleaning it. That includes both interior and exterior. If your windshield is not clean you might have difficulty seeing through it. And a wash and a wax will protect the exterior from the sun, at least up to a certain extent.

Check the condition of the tires. Even though this should be done regularly during the entire year, we had to include it in this list, simply because you mustn’t forget it. And do not forget that spare tire, it also needs to be in good condition in case you actually need to use it.

Check on the condition of the fluids in the Lexus. The following need to be at the right levels: oil; coolant; brake fluid; power-steering fluid; windshield washer fluid. Of course, you can feel free to check on the rest as well. You can never be too safe after all. (Have in mind that the coolant is one of the most important things, you do not want your Lexus overheating).

In the winter and autumn, you probably don’t need to worry if your air conditioning is blowing cool air properly, but during the spring and summer (especially the summer) you do. The best case scenario would be to inspect the entire air conditioning system of the vehicle. The bear minimum would be to check on the cabin air filters.

If you want to be completely safe, take your Lexus to a professional, and they would be able to tell you if there is anything you should worry about.