How to Use Your Auto A/C Effectively This Summer

How to Use Your Auto A/C Effectively This Summer

In the following article, we will check out some tips and tricks for using your auto A/C the best way so as not to cause damage to it and still get the best out of it. By doing that, you will save money on costly repairs in the long run.

Why don’t we begin with the fact that you should park your vehicle in the shade, if possible? You can also use visors for the windshield if you have to park directly in the sun (at an open parking lot, for instance).

When you get inside the car and start the engine you might feel the urge to blast your air conditioning on max, but please don’t! Instead, try rolling down a couple of windows so that the air trapped in the cabin can get out.

When the time does come for you to turn on the A/C do it gradually, start off at a lower setting and give the system a chance to warm up (so to speak); then, and only then, feel free to raise the speed. I feel it my duty to mention that you should be careful with how cold you make it inside the vehicle, as it can have dire effects on your health when you get outside in the heat again. You could even faint as a result.

Use the ‘Recirculation’ option so that the A/C system could work less while you are still cool enough not to feel hot or sweat. The idea is that instead of gathering air from the outside and cooling it, the A/C will cool only the air inside of the cabin, therefore using less power to work.

When you have reached your desired destination, make sure to turn off the A/C before you turn off the vehicle’s engine. In fact, you might want to consider doing that a little earlier - before actually having arrived. Bear in mind that if you decide to keep the fan working at medium or high, after the air conditioning has been turned off you should have your evaporator dried.

Maintenance is also of the highest importance. Do not forget about it or you might regret it in the long run. Make sure to have the air conditioning serviced as frequently as it needs to be.

Have a terrific summer, and avoid getting too hot by following the steps above!


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