What Causes a Vehicle to Overheat

What Causes a Vehicle to Overheat

You should know that hot weather might not be the only cause of your car overheating - there might be some engine or cooling system problems that are the cause.

1. Coolant

Every single vehicle has a cooling system. It helps the car’s engine by keeping the temperature down. Issues such as blockage, pump malfunction or a leak may occur which will lead to the coolant not being able to circulate properly. Problems concerning the cooling system may occur in cold weather as well due to the fact that the coolant could freeze and, consequently, prevent circulation.

2. Motor oil

The function of the oil is not only to lubricate the moving parts of the engine but also to remove the generated excess heat. It is only logical that if the motor oil is running low there is the possibility of the car running hot.

3. Car thermostat

Did you know that the thermostat’s function is to regulate the amount of coolant flowing through the engine? If said thermostat is broken or isn’t functioning as it should, that can lead to the car overheating.

4. Radiator cooling fan

If the cooling fan of your car is not running at the right speed, or if it is not turning on at all, this may lead to the vehicle overheating. Typically, the radiator fans run on electrical motors, any motor mechanical problems could be the cause of the fan not being able to provide sufficient cool air flow.

These are just some of the issues that may cause a vehicle to run too hot or overheat. The best option for you would be to take the vehicle in question to a professional at an auto repair center.


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