Protect Your Vehicle from Overheating This Summer

Protect Your Vehicle from Overheating This Summer

Here are some tips on how to protect your car from overheating this summer. Hopefully, you will find them useful.

1. Leave car window slightly open

Let us put it this way - if the window is closed, that means that there is hot air trapped inside of the vehicle. Leave a window slightly open - that way the heat can get out. You can also crack a sunroof if you have one. The important thing here is to make sure that the openings are not big enough for someone to get inside of your car. And if there is a chance to rain, do not leave them even cracked - you do not want to have to deal with a wet interior.

2. Fresh air setting

After getting inside of the vehicle, turn on the air conditioning on the Fresh Air setting for the initial 10 minutes or so. If you decide to use the Recirculate setting that would just mean that you are moving the stuck air inside around – use this feature after your car has had the opportunity to cool down.

3. Temperature gauge

Keeping track of this little indicator on your dashboard can save you a headache in the future. If you see it indicating towards hot, you would want to pull over and give your car the chance to cool down. Of course, turn of the engine after you have pulled over in order to do that.

4. Coolant

Always keep track of the coolant inside of the reservoir. If needed, top it off - that is easily done by following the indicator lines on the reservoir itself. It is very important to remember that you shouldn’t add coolant while the engine is hot.

5. Coolant flush/ Radiator flush

Sometimes, simply topping off the coolant just won’t do. There might be a need of a coolant flush, also known as a radiator flush. You will need to consult your owner’s manual in order to know if it really is time for this service to be performed.

6. Car battery

If your battery is getting older (over 3 years), there might be a need to replace it. This would be the case if it isn’t performing as it used to - it might be generating more heat. Have your current battery examined at an auto repair shop, where a professional would be able to determine if you truly need to have it replaced at this point.

We wish you a terrific summer without any car troubles!


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