New vs Rebuilt Transmission: Which One Is Better?

New vs Rebuilt Transmission: Which One Is Better?
If your transmission is malfunctioning, you’re probably worried about the cost of its repair. Fortunately, you won’t need all of the parts to be new to get your car back on the road. Instead, an experienced and trained technician can rebuild your transmission in just a couple of days.
Let’s have a look at different reasons on why should you choose a rebuilt transmission for your vehicle:
Rebuilt Can Be as Good as New
If your vehicle’s transmission is broken, it can be quite tempting to opt for a new transmission. Many drivers assume that new means better, always. However, that’s not the case when it comes to transmissions because rebuilt can be as good as new. In some instances, it could be even better. When you bring your vehicle in for a transmission rebuild, you get to keep all the original parts that are functioning properly. A skilled technician disassembles the transmission, repairs the parts that are broken, and replaces the soft parts that are susceptible to wear. You end up with a like-new transmission, made up of the original parts of your vehicle
Many New Transmission Are Rebuilt
When a body shop purchases a “new” transmission, in most cases, they are purchasing a transmission that has been professionally refurbished. The original metal parts are in perfect condition, and both the softer and the damaged parts are replaced with new ones. With that being said, even if you choose a new transmission for your vehicle, you may be getting a transmission that has been rebuilt by the dealership then sold to your technician.
It Is Cost-Efficient to Have a Rebuilt Transmission
It’s never a cheap option to have your transmission completely refurbished however, if you choose a rebuilt transmission instead of a new one, you’ll end up paying far less. A skilled technician can rebuild the entire transmission in just a couple of days, replacing all necessary parts. Most of the time, you can have your transmission rebuilt for way less, and in less time, than having it replaced with a new one.
Original Transmission Parts Might Fir Your Vehicle Better
It’s not unusual for vehicle owners to want all new parts for their transmission systems, in most cases, the original transmission is the best fit. The technician can work with the original metal parts, instead of trying to fit new parts into an older vehicle, while replacing anything that weakens or corrodes over time. When a technician rebuilds a transmission, they replace any parts that are susceptible to tear and wear. By doing so, the technician provides you with a like-new transmission, for just a fraction of the brand-new transmission’s cost. The original transmission fits best, and using it provides you with the best price on repairs.
When you need to have your vehicle repaired quickly, by a skilled technician, you have to contact an auto repair center that specializes in transmission repair in your area. A skillful technician can get you back on the road in no time, at an affordable price.