What to Expect During a DOT Inspection

What to Expect During a DOT Inspection
No matter where you’re headed, DOT inspections are common for truck drivers. From the Level I inspection through Level VI, you have to be prepared and able to tackle all questions that will arise during the entire process. Knowing what to expect from a DOT inspection, could ease the worries of truck drivers, no matter where they are.
DOT Inspections Levels I, II and III
As part of the DOT inspection, the Level I Inspection includes an examination of all your driver documents, such as driver’s license, medical certificate and hours of service. Additionally, they’ll inspect your seat belt, exhaust system, signals, and lights. Your rims and wheels will be inspected as well, along with your fuel system.
During the Level II inspection, officials are going to inspect everything, included in the Level I inspection, however, they’ll also perform a more thorough inspection of your truck, which includes a comprehensive search for anything that seems out of order.
When it’s time for the Level III inspection, rest assured it’ll only include you. During the Level III inspection, the official will thoroughly inspect your driver’s license along with your medical certification. He’ll also inspect your daily log to check for errors or inaccuracies.
DOT Inspections Levels IV, V, and VI
During the Level IV of a DOT inspection, those items that were previously in violation, are going to be inspected. These examinations are scheduled and are sometimes used to settle a claim that has been reported about the truck. Typically, this only happens once, and it requires the services of an inspector, who will take a closer look at the one or more items in question.
If you are stopped for a Level V inspection, everything that was inspected during Level I is going to be inspected again, with one notable change, you, the driver, is not going to be present during the inspection. While the official is completing the inspection of the tractor-trailer, along with your documents, you’ll be waiting for the end of the inspection, away from your truck.
Lastly, you can only be eligible for a Level VI inspection, if you carry radiological shipments. These dangerous items must obey certain regulations, which will be checked by an expert during a DOT inspection to ensure you’re obeying these directives.
Whether you have to undergo a Level I or a Level V inspection, knowing what to expect can ease the situation, making you more prepared for what is about to happen. Visit your local auto repair center and ensure your vehicle is ready for a complete DOT inspection.