Three-row SUVs Ideal for Families 2020

Three-row SUVs Ideal for Families 2020

If you are browsing the internet to find your next family car, you will most certainly find it in the following list. In this list we will discuss what the best 2020 models of SUV vehicles are perfect for families. Note that all of them are either eight-passenger or seven-passenger SUVs.

Honda Pilot
Is storage capability and comfortable seating the most import thing to you when you buy or lease a family vehicle? Then the Pilot model of Honda is the choice for you. The seats are all both child-friendly and adult-friendly. There is more than enough cargo capacity. And Honda have even gone the extra mile and made an addition in this respect, having equipped the vehicle with cubbies inside of the cabin. Those are perfect if you want to store small items inside the vehicle while on a road trip or going on a vacation, or even when simply driving the little ones to soccer practice or school. It is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 engine.

Hyundai Palisade
The Palisade is a subtle SUV that is comfortable and doesn’t leave the impression that it tries to bring people’s attention to it. With a V6 engine, comfortable interior, and plenty of cargo capacity, this vehicle is certainly one that you should consider as a family car.

Ford Expedition
This vehicle is intended more for families that enjoy camping and want to be able to have a trailer with them. This beast of a car comes with a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine that can go as high as 400 horsepower. If it is acceleration you want - you will get it. But the vehicle is also quite capable of being able to drive a trailer behind it, as we mentioned above. You will be left surprised by the fact of how quiet the car is while maintaining highway speeds.

Kia Telluride
And now about the SUV that has it all… This spectacular model by Kia is simply excellent all around. The model might look expensive but it actually isn’t - it costs far less than you would assume. And that is not all - you also get great acceleration and fuel economy with its 3.8-liter V6 engine. All of the seats are adult-friendly, as you can guess, and the vehicle does come with certain luxuries that you would have to pay for additionally if you choose to get another make or model.

When you do find your next family car, make sure to have it serviced only at the best possible auto repair shop in your vicinity! That is of the highest importance because the mechanics there will be taking care of the vehicle in which you drive your loved ones.


  1. The Palisade comes with a key fob for keyless entry. On the fob, you do have your standard lock, unlock, panic button, power liftgate button and remote start. The remote start feature allows you to start the vehicle from a good distance away. All Hyundai models equipped with this feature will remain on for 10 minutes.

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