How to Find a Good Import Auto Repair Shop

How to Find a Good Import Auto Repair Shop
Some vehicle owners have a built-in distrust toward mechanics because they think mechanics are always trying to rip them off in one way or another. However, there are plenty of mechanics who genuinely care about your import car repair and want you to become a regular customer. That’s why we’ve prepared several tips that will help you find the right auto repair shop for your import car.
A mechanic who truly cares about the auto repairs of your import car will always listen and consider your opinion. If the mechanic is a con artist, he’ll talk all over you and won’t care much about your wishes.
Every issue with your import car will be described in full detail by a good mechanic and he’ll try his best to make you understand what requires repair or replacement, how much these repairs or replacements will cost. A not-so-good mechanic will generalize issues, and won’t give you an explanation about your car’s issues so that he can make you pay more for repairs that are not expensive and often you don’t even need them.
Online Reviews
Yes, sometimes online reviews are not the best source for evaluation of a mechanic’s work, however, if you stumble upon many comments directed toward a shop that is scamming customers, this is a definite sign of an unreliable shop. It’s not worth the risk to take your import car to a mechanic who has bad reviews, even if the prices are cheap.
Unnecessary Repairs
If your import car requires a certain repair, the shop will fix it and notify you about other issues. A dishonest repair shop will try their best to force you to have additional repairs, such as filters and flushes. Yes, these things do need maintenance, but in most cases, they can be postponed for another time. So if a repair shop tries to scare you with something related to the maintenance of both filters and flushes do not believe them. A good import car repair shop won’t force you into purchasing anything that is not urgent at the time.
While there are other tactics employed by a sketchy import mechanic, there are just a couple of telltale signs. Before you have your import car repairs, make sure you find out about these things, because you can always say no. If you think something’s off with the shop you’ve selected, just say no to the repairs they are about to do, and look for a different, more reliable import auto repair shop.