Common Warning Signs That Indicate Failing Brakes

Common Warning Signs That Indicate Failing Brakes
The car brakes have the sole purpose of utmost importance: to safely stop the car. Proper maintenance of the brake system is crucial to reduce the risk of a road accident. Once a year, a professional technician has to inspect the many components of the brake system, including fluid level, drums, rotors, lines’ condition, pistons, brake pads, calipers, and the dashboard indicators’ functionality.
Know the Common Warning Signs of Failing Brakes
Although you are having your brakes inspected once a year, as recommended, you still need to know how to identify a problem with your brakes that could directly impact the stopping distance of your car, as well as reduce your ability to stop quickly, in case of an emergency. If you notice any of the symptoms, mentioned below, drive your car to a reputable auto repair shop and have them inspect your brakes, so that you could avoid any potential road accidents and prevent serious health injuries.
The ABS or brake warning indicator is visible on the dashboard. When this happens, this means that the safety controls of your vehicle are telling you that there’s a problem with the brakes and they need attention.
When you press the pedal, the brakes make a high-pitched, squealing sound. Brake pads are equipped with a built-in warning tab that rubs on the rotor once they reach the wear limit and require replacement.
When you apply the brakes, there’s a metallic grinding noise. When you ignore the squealing sound, you’ll gradually begin to hear a grinding noise, which is an indicator that your brakes pads are completely worn-out.
You face difficulties when you press down the brake pedal, it feels spongy and vibrates, or you need to pump it repeatedly to stop the car. Changes in how the brake pedal responds to pressure can point to a couple of potentially troubling issues, such as low fluid, an internal leak in the master cylinder, or air in the lines. You might also notice leakage of brake fluid under the hood or on the wheels.
The wheels are hot even after a short distance of drive, or you see excessive metal or dust flakes on the wheels. These issues all indicate brake wear that is about to cause serious damage.


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