Why You Should Change the Vehicle’s Oil in the Spring

Why You Should Change the Vehicle’s Oil in the Spring

Do you need an oil change? Do you need to do it now or later? Why is the oil change in the spring important? All of those questions will be answered in the following article.

Let us begin with what exactly an oil change does. When the oil in the vehicle is changed that means that the old oil that may have been contaminated by dirt or debris (or both) is removed along with the contaminants. The old oil may cause damage to the engine if not attended to. For instance, if not removed, the dirt can clog the filter and get carried throughout the engine, and the debris can scratch the surface. An oil change is ideally accompanied by a filter change (you need to know this in case you decide to make the change yourself).

Now, to the matter of why it is a good idea to have the oil changed in the spring. Since the winter weather could have had negative effects on the vehicle, you can check the condition of the engine when you are changing the oil. If you feel that you are not up to the task of determining yourself, you can always take your vehicle to an auto repair shop and let a professional mechanic check for you. The other reason is the viscosity of the oil. As you might know, different types of oil have different levels of viscosity. Now, why is that important? Because different levels of viscosity are used for different types of weather, meaning either in colder weather or in warmer. It’s only logical that you used one for the winter and you will use another kind for the spring and the other warmer months of the year. This is important to remember if you choose to change the oil yourself, also, that you will need to change the filter as well.

Should you choose to take your vehicle in to an auto repair center for the oil change, do some research beforehand. Make sure to choose one that is well-known for offering top-notch services in your town.