Benefits of Having an Ignition Interlock Device in Your Car

Benefits of Having an Ignition Interlock Device in Your Car
First-time DUI offenders often receive light sentences. Unless they were involved in some sort of accident, where someone was seriously injured or even killed, first-time DUIers usually receive a small fine, probation, community service or minimum jail time. In some states, first-time DUIers are obligated to install an ignitioninterlock device in their car.
What is an ignition interlock device?
This is a device, specifically designed to prevent an intoxicated individual from driving. It resembles a mobile phone, and it works exactly like a breathalyzer. The driver must blow into it, and if the alcohol level goes above a pre-determined point, the ignition interlock will automatically stop the car from starting.
For a lot of individuals, having an ignition interlock device installed in their car would be too much of an effort. However, in reality, an ignition interlock device comes with various benefits.
Offenders Can Drive Again
More often than not, the licenses of first-time DUI offenders are suspended by local courts. However, having an ignition interlock device can help them in terms of maintaining or regaining their legal driving status. DUI offenders will continue to do their daily routines, with the help of the ignition interlock service. They’ll be able to run errands, drive to work, and pick up their kids from school.
It’s Not Expensive
Believe it or not, the whole process of installing, using and maintaining an ignition interlock device is not expensive. Yes, it will cost you something, but it won’t be more than just $2.15 a day. That’s cheaper than a burger from a fast-food restaurant or a cup of coffee. Moreover, spending just two dollars a day can save you from spending thousands of dollars in fines and penalties, in case you’re caught committing DUI again.
It’s a Life-Saver
No one can argue with the fact that an ignition interlock device can save lives. In those states, where drunk driving offenders must have an ignition interlock device installed, the number of deaths, caused by vehicular accidents involving alcohol has decreased by more than 30 percent.
A Decrease in Recidivism Rates
Various studies have shown that ignition interlock devices are efficient in reducing recidivism rates. For instance, in some states, the number of DUI offenders has gone down by as much as 90 percent, all thanks to this device.
Prediction of Future DUI Offenses
The ignition interlock device can store information about breath tests, and by doing so, it can predict the behavior of DUI offenders. The data from ignition interlock devices are regularly downloaded and reviewed by authorities. That data allows them to evaluate the chances of future DUI offenses. In states that utilize compliance-based removal, depending on the information, analyzed from the device, a DUI offender could potentially regain all driving privileges.
Provides Peace of Mind
When you have an ignition interlock device in your car, you can’t just drink and drive. That provides friends and family with the much-needed reassurance that you won’t be placing yourself or others on the road, anytime soon.