Spring Maintenance Tips for BMW Vehicles

Spring Maintenance Tips for BMW Vehicles

We will soon start to feel the warmer days of spring growing closer and closer, which means that BMW owners will need to take some precautionary measures as far as their vehicles are concerned. Here is a list of tips that you might find useful.

We have to start the list with the change of winter tires. Of course, if your BMW is with all-season tires right now, you don’t necessarily have to change them. It would be necessary if the tread is insufficient for a good grip while driving.

Another spring maintenance tip for your BMW is to clean the vehicle very thoroughly inside and out. You can do that either yourself or take the vehicle to a car-wash. Whichever you choose, have in mind that the undercarriage will need a good cleaning in case there is salt stuck on it from the winter.

Change the oil and the filter, or have them changed, for the sake of the BMW’s engine. As a nice bonus, you will get a better performing engine.

Are your wiper blades not cleaning the windshield as they should? Get new ones! You can make the change yourself, it’s easy, just make sure that the size of the windshield wiper blades is the same as the one of your current ones, otherwise, they will not fit.

I hope that the tips above will be useful for you when the time for spring maintenance comes.


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