BMW Maintenance in the Winter

BMW Maintenance in the Winter

Since the winter months are upon us, we should discuss how you can keep your BMW in good shape throughout the season.

First things first, since you need to be able to start your BMW in order to drive it, we should say that your car battery probably needs to be inspected by an auto mechanic. Cold weather can impact the integrity of the battery, a mechanic would be able to determine if your battery is getting too old or has an issue which might cause you problems this winter. Bear in mind that a replacement might be in order.

Next up are your BMW’s tires. First, you will need to make sure that there is sufficient tread left for a good grip on the road, as well as equip winter tires, which are specifically designed for the cold, ice, and snow. The other very important thing when it comes to the tires is the pressure. Because of the cold, the pressure in the tires drops significantly, you will need to follow its condition and adequately fill the tires with air when needed.

In order to have good visibility on the road, you need wiper blades that are up to the standard of doing a good job even in a snow storm. If you feel that there is chipped or rigid rubber that means that it is high time to change them. If you don’t think you can be the judge of whether you need new ones or not, a mechanic would be able to determine for you. While we are on the subject of visibility, make sure that the windshield wiper fluid is one with antifreeze components.

Remember to take your BMW for inspection if you are unable to perform the given tests necessary yourself, and drive safe!