What to Have in Your Vehicle during the Winter (Part 2)

What to Have in Your Vehicle during the Winter (Part 2)

Let us continue the subject of what handy items you should have in your truck throughout the winter.

1.Sand, kitty litter, or rock salt – All of those are coarse materials that could potentially help the vehicle’s tires to gain traction if you are in a situation where you are stuck in the snow. All you need to do to use those items is spread them in proximity to the tires.

2.Flashlight – You never know if you will need to fix something minor on your vehicle and you will need light to do so, do yourself a favor and keep a flashlight in the trunk. You can also use it to signal any passing vehicles for distress if you are broken down and not visible from the road.

3.Windshield washer fluid – You never know when you might need extra, so be prepared so that you can prevent the windshield from freezing (use windshield washer fluid with antifreeze components).

4.Jumper cables – Since cold weather can affect your battery negatively you should have jumper cables with you.

5.Tool kit – A small tool kit can help you take care of minor issues on the vehicle while on the move until you get the vehicle to an auto repair center.

6.Cell phone changer – It is also a good idea to have a phone charger with you even if your battery is full, you don’t know what might happen and if you might need to call for help.

7.Water and food – Make sure to choose food and snacks that are non-perishable like granola bars for instance.

8.Chain – A tow chain could also be very useful in situations where you need to get your vehicle out of the snow(a rope might also do the trick).

And of course, we have to say that you need to have your vehicle winterized at an auto repair center that you know is good at what they do. Be well prepared and drive safely in the harsh conditions, and you will have a pleasant winter without worries about your vehicle or your safety.