Is it Time to Change Your Tires?

Is it Time to Change Your Tires?

Tires wear out, it is inevitable, but how often should you change them, that is the question we will answer in the following article.

As a baseline - 5 years, that is the number of years you should keep in mind when a pair of tires are in use, after that you should have the tires inspected by a professional mechanic at least once a year. You should note that proper care can extend the lifespan of tires. What can be considered as ‘proper care’ is the following: maintaining correct air pressure, having the tires rotated regularly, and regularly having your car undergo maintenance.

Sometimes, based on the type of tires, the damage can be quite obvious, but other times it is not. Apart from a flat or a blowout, there are other things you can look out for, and be aware of, such as the tread being worn down, so check the tread depth yourself. What happens when the tread is worn down – the tires lose their traction while braking, and they will not be able to grip the road well when driving in rainy or snowy weather. However, do not always base the change of tire on the tread, sometimes even if there is plenty of tread left the tires might be getting too old, which will mean you need to replace them nevertheless. When the tires are old the rubber dries and it will crack, in turn, this will lead to a blowout or a flat tire. To check the tread depth you can do the penny or quarter test. Let us quickly explain what the penny and quarter test are for those who do not know. This is basically the easiest way you can determine the tread wear yourself, without having to take your vehicle to an auto shop. Start off by inserting a quarter into the tread in the center of the tire, make sure that Washington’s head is pointing towards the tire. If the top of the head is even with the tread you can still safely drive with the tires in question, but you would need to replace them soon. The guidelines of the test with a penny are almost the same. Place the penny, again head down, into the center of the tire’s tread and if it is even with the top of Lincoln’s head that means that the tires are getting unsafe. Make a point to replace them as soon as possible. Let me add something here, the more you drive, the faster the tread will wear down, this is a big factor when it comes to tire lifespan, alongside with road conditions and weather. Another way is to check the manufacturing date of the tires. You might ask yourself how that is done, here is how: find the date on the tires themselves, it is usually a number made up of four digits, the first two stand for the week and the last two for the year (e.g. 1215 – the 12th week of 2015). If any of those concern you, change your tires or take your vehicle to an auto shop to know for sure if you can keep using them, or if it is indeed time for new ones.

Remember, if you think you will not be able to tell yourself if the tires of the vehicle need changing you can always bring in your car to an auto shop and let experts determine. Hopefully, the tips above have helped you and will continue to help you in the future.