Top 3 Indicator Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore

Top 3 Indicator Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore

Vehicle maintenance is important in order to keep your car in shape for a long time and avoid costly repairs. And when it comes to maintenance there is a little helper that is there for you, apart from the owner’s manual that is, and that is the dashboard, where all of the little indicator lights help you know if something is wrong. Let us take a look at the three most important light you cannot just ignore.

1. Check Engine Light

I suppose it isn’t surprising to you that we are starting with the check engine light, since the engine is the core of your vehicle. The light in question will illuminate if there is an issue, either a mechanical one, or an electrical. Should it light you should take your vehicle to an auto shop as soon as possible in order for the mechanics to service your vehicle and determine the cause, because the problem might be serious. Of course, it could be something minor, but why risk it?

2. Brake Warning Light

Since brakes are what makes sure your car stops let us look at what it means if the indicator light turns on. First, let me say that the indicator light could very well be a false alarm, due to the fact that it can be triggered by forgetting the parking brakes on. So, first things first, check if this isn’t the case. However, if it is not, it could mean that you are running low on brake fluid, or that there is a mechanical issue. So, try and keep track of the brake fluid at all times so that you can narrow down the issue, that way you can tell if it is something you can fix yourself, or if it is time for car service at an auto shop.

3. Engine Temperature Warning Light

If you see this light illuminated on your dashboard stop your car as soon as possible to prevent any serious damage to the vehicle. The light can indicate that the coolant temperature is too hot, or that the engine is overheating. On the other hand, it could be that the light itself is broken, or it is providing false data. In any case, bring in your vehicle for service to determine the reason.

Since indicator lights are there for a reason, do not delay taking your vehicle for servicing if your dashboard becomes illuminated by a warning light. By doing so you can save yourself some headaches in the future, not to mention bills, that might get bigger as the problem gets more serious.


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